Guest Post: The place to come to when you “know”

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Guest post submitted by our client and now good friend, Wes:

When friends ask me how I knew it was time to propose marriage, I tell them:  When I knew, I knew.  I knew love for certain; for sure; forever.  Not just in my mind but in my bones and in my belly; without a shadow of a doubt; that this was the woman I would marry.

I also tell them that if they’re asking because they’re wondering whether they’re ready, well — they’re not.  Remember:  you’ll know.

In my case, once I knew I was ready, I set out to find the ring.  It was a maddening process — there are a thousand sellers, it’s a big purchase, and you don’t know the market.

Tapered Baguette

And through this noise and chaos, you’re supposed to find a symbol of the certainty, stability and permanence of your love.

Then a friend introduced me to Yuval.  I set an appointment and met Yuval in his office.  He and his team were far and away the best in every category.  They’re the most knowledgeable.  They showed me every option.  They’re the best teachers.  They listen.  Their craftsmen can beautifully (and quickly) make just about anything you’re looking for.  Yuval will spend with you the time it takes to make the right decision, and to make it flawless.

On top of all that, the price Yuval quoted me (there was no guessing, no haggling — Yuval tells you the real price, and tells it to you straight) was better than I’d been offered anywhere else.

I simply cannot speak highly enough about Yuval and the team at J & J Zaidman.  They’re certainly the best jewelers I’ve ever worked with.  They may also be the best customer service business I’ve experienced anywhere.  My wife and I have been back many times for “adjustments” here and there — and some gifts on very special occasions — and I can’t think of any reason I’d ever buy jewelry from anyone else.

So when my friends come back and say “I know,” I say:  go see Yuval.




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